A slow loading website is recipe for user dissatisfaction and its consequent failure. So even if you have a feature-rich website built on Drupal, which is one of the most robust platforms available, it is necessary for you to optimize its page loading time. Let us look at the ways by which we can keep the loading speed of a Drupal website at an optimum low.

Enable Cache Modules:- Caching a website is the most popular way of reducing its loading speed. By deploying various caching modules, a Drupal website can be cached and optimized for speed. For instance, by deploying the Block cache module, blocks of website content will be cached for all users, whether they are registered or not, and by deploying the views content cache module, the content inside the views module gets cached.

Optimize The Loading Speed Of All Image Files:- The loading speed of a Drupal website images can be reduced by the deployment of modules such as the Image Optimize module, the Picture module, and Imageinfo cache. The Image Optimize module allows you to reduce the size of images without quality loss. With the Picture module, we can obtain optimized images for different devices, and the Imageinfo cache module caches the style of images, thus, enabling a faster loading time. Moreover, you can also optimize the loading speed of images by bundling multiple images in one file, consequently, reducing the number of HTTP requests required for your site to load.

Optimize Your Website’s Database:- Your database can give more efficient results by the deployment of modules such as MySQL Query, DB Optimize and the Shadow module. The MySQL Query module saves results of past queries and thus, give speedier results when a saved result of a query is repeated. The DB optimize module optimizes all tables of a database and performs maintenance tasks of checking and repairing tables. Moreover, the module also allows administrator to configure a notification setup that notifies the admin to perform maintenance tasks whenever required. The Shadow module contributes in database optimization by optimizing SQL queries.

Executing the above-mentioned measures can effectively optimize the loading speed of your Drupal Website.

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