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Drupal is a perfect and reliable CMS to develop websites of every category ranging from information oriented to a business perspective like E-commerce. The features it hosts are incredible and helps developers to build websites keeping all functionality intact. However, the speed of Drupal websites can be a major concern if they are driving a large number of visitors on a daily basis or hosted on an under powered server. This has become a key concern among the website developers as Google has started giving priority to the speed factor of a website, particularly for mobile gadgets. Here are a few key tips of Drupal Optimization so that they respond fast to the visitors!

1. Use Cache Properly:- The most vital approach to speed up the Drupal website is by appropriately using cache. This CMS provides some robust caching techniques even if no additional modules are enabled. People very well know that the cache system saves a copy of the visited pages in a separate location. Once the page is viewed, it is cached and the when the same page is requested it loads more quickly for every visitor.

2. Additional Caching Modules:- There are additional internal caching modules enabled in Drupal. They are:

  • Internal Page Cache Module: In this module pages visited by the unknown users are cached in the database. The pages visited by the unknown users are stored for the first time and later reused for all the visitors.

  • Internal Dynamic Page Cache Module:- This is a new feature added to Drupal CMS and aims at improving the speed of the site for both unknown and log in users. Additional caching layers comprising Varnish or Redis is added by experienced drupal website developers to improve the speed of their websites.

Recently, Drupal has added the Big Pipe demo module, which has inherited and implemented ideas from Facebook. This demo module allows websites to display personalized content in an easier and faster manner.

3. Bandwidth Optimization:- Drupal has the functionality of doing “compress cached pages”. In addition to that, it has introduced a default setting that manages external resources. The advantage of optimization is the reduction of both the size and the number of requests made to a website. With Drupal, the developers have the liberty to aggregate CSS and JavaScript files for fast loading. In the real-time situation, enable compressing of CSS files & JavaScript files. This lowers the number of HTTP requests as well as the volume of data transferred.

4. Image Size:- The size of the image you select for the website has a huge impact on the website’s speed and performance. Luckily, Drupal core has tools to compress and optimize the image sizes. An important Image Styles feature is available for different image sizes for multiple devices including tablets and mobiles.

5. Eliminate Unused Modules:- Another popular way to speed up the Drupal 8 website is to eliminate the unused modules. Drupal has transformed the process of eliminating modules, so Hire Drupal Developers before starting the uninstalling process of the modules.

6. Implement CDN:- A CDN has the functionality to store the website on multiple servers distributed on the global front. CDN providers have data centers located on every continent and its city. CDN stores copies of the website on the servers that are closed to the visitor’s location. If Drupal website is slow, then CDN is perfect as it directly eliminates the load times.

Conclusion:- There may be several reasons that can hamper the speed of your Drupal website, but for optimization ensure the website is properly cached, images are properly compressed and unused modules are eliminated. These three factors properly managed with appropriate CDN implementation can put your Drupal website high in performance. A properly optimized website always rank high in Google search engine results and liked by the visitors. If you are looking for better results and great performance, simply contact the team of Drupal India. They will help you to get the desired results and present you quality solutions. They have all the resources which are required to build an engaging and appealing website.

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