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Drupal modules play a key role in adding specific functionalities to websites and applications. We specialize in custom Drupal module development and empower businesses websites with the right features while ensuring great performance. As a client-centric company, we understand your needs and create modules that fulfill them. Get tailor-made Drupal modules from Drupal India’s expert team and avail unlimited opportunities for your business.

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The Drupal content management system can be used for a wide variety of website projects, mainly, because of the availability of a huge number of modules which render a wide range of functionalities. Two kinds of modules exist- one, which come along with Drupal core, and the other is the category of modules that have been contributed and tested by the Drupal community.

The Drupal core modules render basic functionalities such as menu management, RSS Feeds, system administration and etc. In order to extend a basic Drupal 6, 7, 8 and 9 Module Development website, contributed and custom modules are used. There exist 30,000 contributed modules which render functionalities that are related to categories such as administration, easy content management, commerce/advertising, content display, e-commerce, education, game and amusement, media, and a lot more. Few of the most useful contributed modules, which can be employed in your website, are as follows:

    • Views: Standing as a contributed module in Drupal versions below 8, it serves the essential functionality of organizing content on your website.
    • Media: The module allows to handle media files effectively on your website.
    • Drupal Commerce: The module is used to create e-commerce applications. It comes with core features such as dynamic product displays, payment method API, tax calculation and etc.
    • Visitors: The module is used for displaying visitor information such as total visitors, unique visitors, registered users and etc.
    • Apache Solr Multilingual: Along with serving as a search tool, the module provides better support for non-English and multilingual users.
    • Mobile Gallery: The module allows the output of images in the form of a grid of square thumbnails and in a manner that is best optimized for mobile screen densities.
  • On-Page Editor: The module provides one the ability to edit the website’s content from its front-end, making it a useful asset for a blog or news website.
  • Trends: The module provides statistical information on how your website’s content is performing by connecting to external sources such as Google Analytics, Facebook and etc.

Aforementioned modules are just a few of the many contributed modules that are currently available. Additionally, there also exist possibilities of new and distinct functionalities, which can be tapped by customising existing contributed modules or creating new ones. We, at Drupal India, ascertain the needs of your website and then, insert the most suitable functionalities in your website by employing contributed modules and Custom Drupal Module Development.

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