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It was recently declared that 2020 are the year Drupal 9 is officially released into the wild. The precise date hasn’t been set, however we will currently foresee to the Drupal 9 unharness that year. The announcement additionally gave us an officially end of life date November 2021 for Drupal 7, 8. So what does this mean if you’re presently developing a drupal website on one in all those versions? In this post, I’ll explain.

We Hope To Release Drupal 9 on June, 2020:- Drupal 8 biggest dependency is Symfony 3, that has associate end-of-life date in November 2021. this suggests that once November 2021, security bugs in Symfony 3 won’t get fixed. Therefore, we’ve got to end-of-life Drupal 8 no later than November 2021. Or in other words, by November 2021, everybody ought to get on Drupal 9.

Working backwards from November 2021, we’d wish to offer website owners a minimum of one year to upgrade from Drupal 8 to 9. whereas we tend to might release Drupal 9 in Dec 2020, we decided it was better to try to release Drupal 9 on June, 2020. This gives website owners 18 months to upgrade.

Drupal 9 Upgrades Will Be Made Easy:- Because we are building Drupal 9 in Drupal 8, the technology in Drupal 9 will have been battle tested Drupal 8.

For Drupal Core Contributors- This means that we’ve a restricted set of tasks to try and do in Drupal 9 itself before we can release it. Drupal 9 can solely rely upon removing deprecated practicality and upgrading Drupal’s dependencies, like Symfony. This will make the release timing more predictable and the release quality more robust.

For Contributed Module Authors- it suggests that they have already got the new technology at their service, so that they will work on Drupal 9 compatibility earlier. Finally, their Drupal 8 ability can stay extremely relevant in Drupal 9, as there will not be a dramatic change in however Drupal is made.

In the meanwhile, the most effective factor your organization will do to organize for the launch of Drupal 9 is to create certain that you just keep your Drupal 8 website absolutely up so far.

For help planning out your Drupal 9 Roadmap, and to create certain that you’ll be prepared for a upgrade to Drupal 9 once it releases, contact Drupal India. We’re here to assist you intend out your Drupal strategy and make sure that your team will build the foremost of your website today, tomorrow and when Drupal 9 is released.

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