Drupal is a well-known name among the wide range of content management frameworks. It offers scalability and extensive customizability with 31,800 free modules which are developed and maintained by the Drupal community. The free modules extend functionalities of the core modules of Drupal. You can also build or hire someone to build customized modules. One of the most useful modules of Drupal is the Blog module, allowing people to incorporate blogs on their websites. It comes as a core module in Drupal 7 and earlier versions, but it has to be installed and enabled as a contributed module in Drupal 8.

For an online business built on Drupal, along with e-commerce functionalities, the blog functionality can be very helpful. For instance, if you are an online business owner, delivering unconventional products, which need awareness, a blog will help spread the much-needed awareness.

Even if you simply have quality content to share, that is related to your products or services, a blog that is in-built with your e-commerce website, will improve your search engine rankings. An example of such an online business would be the online learning resource website, open-sesame. The website offers 20,000 professional courses, which are provided by 200 sellers. The Drupal website has also been appropriately used to post blogs which relate to topics of professional growth. Thus, serving existing users with relevant information and attracting potential users through shareable content and better search engine rankings.

Here are a few additional modules which can enhance the blog functionality:

Apache Solr– This module is especially helpful if you have a huge number of blog posts since it is useful for searching through large amounts of content. It supports the Facet API Module, that enables faceted searching. The kind of searching, that allows sorting of content/blog posts on the basis of parameters such as date, tags, author etc.The module also, renders a fast searching experience to visitors.

Apache Solr Multilingual– The search tool is ideal for blogs and searches which are not in the English language. It also supports content translation.

Simplified Social Share– Let an impressed reader share your blog post on popular social networks such as Twitter, Google, Linkedin, Facebook and over 50 more.

Content Optimizer– This module is meant to give you a specific idea about how well-optimized your blog is, for search engine results and also, gives suggestions to improve the same.

There are many more modules which serve purposes such as better search engine results, theme enhancements, site navigation, and etc. Suitable modules which enhance your blog, will certainly prove to increase the popularity of your main e-commerce website.

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