Why Drupal A Preferable Open-Source eCommerce Platform for Retailers

Evolving technologies have changed the way shopping is done nowadays. With time, the popularity and challenges of e-commerce have grown to next level. How your business is planning to overcome these challenges? Being an online brand, you have your sort of challenges when planning to expand and avail of different opportunities with Drupal.

To enjoy the right numbers it is essential to engage customers and sell quality products, with a reliable platform. Talking about a trustworthy platform, Drupal is one of the leading open-source ecommerce platform to invest your money.

Drupal is a CMS having hundreds of modules and themes ready to drive your business online. The magic & uniqueness which your business needs is achieved via Drupal Development Company with their e-commerce solutions.

So, if you are still unsure, whether to create your or extend your eCommerce website on Drupal, then we have viable reasons to clarify your dilemma.

Why Drupal is an apt choice of open-source eCommerce platform?


When it comes to choosing open-source shopping website development solutions, manifold choices can make you feel confused or face a roadblock.

Certainly, every CMS comes with its own pros and cons along with a dedicated market share to become a key selective factor. The same is the case with open-source ecommerce platform like Drupal, to be your next choice of CMS to ensure online retail store success.

  • At present, Drupal powers more than 1.4 million websites and counting across 230+ countries.
  • Top brands like Urbany’s, Lush, Olsson & Gerthel, Eurocentres, QDOS, Tesla, Mint, Le Figaro, and many more have their websites powered by Drupa.
  • Currently, Drupal features more than 40,000 modules to extend the capability and functionality of your eCommerce site, and that too with the assistance of Drupal eCommerce development company.
  • Drupal offers you more than 2500+ free and paid themes to customize the user appeal of your website.
  • Drupal Code 10.1.6 is the latest version of this open-source eCommerce platform that was recently launched on November 01, 2023.

Why Using Drupal CMS Brings Lot of Benefits?

Drupal CMS benefits

Now, we come to another important part of the discussion as to why Drupal is an apt choice of open-source eCommerce platform. Here’s the list of reasons for your reference.

List of Essential Modules

There are several Drupal modules available for e-commerce website to help in building intuitive and powerful websites. The important modules provided by Drupal are:

  • Commerce shipping assist in calculating shipping rates for Drupal Commerce. It is used in collaboration with other shipping methods including Commerce Flat Rate, Commerce UPS, etc.
  • Currency module helps with currency conversion and display the price of the product.
  • Commerce Stripe guides customers to pay securely without leaving your website.

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Wide Collection of Themes

The first thing that engage a user is the website appearance. The team of Drupal  developer’s offers amazing themes for e-commerce websites which are come in handy.

  • e-Store is an easy to install theme and is designed in a way that it solves website’s needs.
  • Flexi Cart makes sure that products sell fast and easily online.
  • Belgrade is specially designed to create business websites.
  • Shop is responsible for providing the users inbuilt support for Drupal Commerce.

Fast Running Performance

It is important to focus on the speed of your website. It is observed that a site taking five seconds to load has more rejection rate. A slow website will hamper your efforts and investments. Shoppers who faced the sluggish website performance say that they don’t return to the websites. These bounces have a direct impact on revenue generation. To maintain a top-notch, Drupal has plenty of offerings. Some includes:

  • Blazy module aids in fast loading of pages and saves data usage.
  • CDN module mitigate the page load time and deliver the web page components.
  • Drupal offers faster means to upgrade the server hardware for optimized performance.

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Fully Mobile Responsive

If your website is mobile compatible, it will be able to engage larger audience. Creating user scenarios help to understand what sort of content the user will love to explore on their mobile. This approach help to design the key elements required in a website.

Mobile compatibility has become an irreplaceable feature for any e-commerce website. Drupal’s websites not only engage the clients by their looks but also by their mobile responsive design. Drupal websites are easily accessible on mobile and tablets.

Upscale Level of Personalization

Every e-commerce brand looks to make sure that the content developed is appealing. And it has become a need today because there is a lot of competition present. Hence, personalized content from Drupal e-commerce developers make the user experience better and helps create trust between you as well as the customer.

As per Adobe report, 90% of the B2B marketers say that personalization is highly significant. This marketing opportunity that no e-commerce business should miss out on. Tapping the different demographics and varied audiences not only enhances the market reach but your bottom line as well.

SEO-Friendly Open-Source eCommerce Platform

E-commerce websites work on large volume of data on daily basis. While for a buyer, it might be a desirable situation, for a seller it increases the burden of applying SEO on every page and indexing every product.

Drupal has several modules that help to improve the SEO of your e-commerce website. Some of them include:

  • Pathauto ensures that the URL of the website is search engine friendly. It converts complex URLs to easier ones.
  • Metatag module is a multilingual module controlling the metatags on web pages.
  • XML Sitemap module offers feature to include a few pages on your Sitemap.

These are the key features of Drupal CMS making it a perfect platform to invest in e-commerce.

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Uncompromised & Required Security

Certainly, security is of utmost concern, when it comes to running your open-source eCommerce platform to secure product and customer data. Fortunately, Drupal CMS offers you an enhanced level of security based on the following key points.

  • Drupal features one of the extended developer’s teams, comprising 1 million+ experts who are ready to assist you with required security concerns.
  • With the help of this CMS, you can enable strict security measures to prevent malicious data attacks and test code, before implementing.
  • Drupal brings auto-updated and core validation support to further enhance the security level of your eCommerce store.
Multilingual Capabilities to Create Global Store

In the current competitive scenario, running your eCommerce store within limited demographics is not enough to experience the required success. It is essential to create a multi-dimensional and multi-lingual online retail store to target a global audience at large. Concerning the same, develop your store on Drupal with the following multi-lingual capabilities.

  • This CMS supports more than 100 languages and target multiple set of audiences.
  • The automated language translation functionality of Drupal allows maximum user attention and increased conversion rate.
  • The geographical tapping feature of Drupal allows your store to appear flexible as per the requirements of different target audiences.
  • The auto-detection feature of this CMS seamlessly detects IP addresses, browser, URLs, and more.
Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.Is Drupal good for e-commerce?

One of the most comprehensive open-source CMS available, Drupal, is the perfect fit for e-commerce businesses. It gives you the perfect way of modeling your content, integrated marketing, payment, and fulfillment tools, which helps in bringing in a bigger audience.

Q2.Why is Drupal best?

Drupal enables organizations to build better sites and experiences faster. Global enterprises, brands, governments, colleges and universities, NGOs and other organizations use Drupal so they can engage with users on websites and beyond, to deliver the right content, to the right users, at the right time.

Q3.What are the benefits of e-commerce website development?

Benefits of Developing an E-Commerce Website

  • Reach Out to the World.
  • Meets the Needs of the Customer.
  • Enhanced Visibility.
  • Providing Detailed Information.
  • No Time Constraints.
  • Availability of User-Friendly Features.
  • Easy Management of Inventory.
  • Beneficial To Any Business.
Wrapping Up:

The rapid transformation in e-commerce has kept the business brands on their toes. And this is where Drupal offers unmatched services for your online selling platform. Be it building your website or planning to migrate, we at Drupal India will help you do your job smoothly until you get a desirable finish. Our team of Drupal Support and Maintenance can help you with all your business queries and engage both local & global audience.

Get ready to embark on a profitable eCommerce business journey with Drupal. Know more about this competitive CMS and explore the various pros and cons of Drupal web development before moving ahead. Simply, get in touch with reliable Drupal experts to meet your requirements with ease.

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