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Drupal is a widely acclaimed CMS as it offers a rich array of features that facilitate the creation of visually appealing and functionally robust websites. Big brands such as the White House, Twitter, IKEA, and McDonald’s are just a few names that have their websites running on this platform. The CMS caters to diverse requirements and has the versatility that makes it suitable for varied businesses. Education is one of the verticals that finds it ideal as a development platform. The fact that premier institutions such as Oxford, Harvard, and MIT have Drupal powered websites reinforces this statement. If you are running an educational institution, here are some reasons that you should consider Custom Drupal Development as the best option for your website.

Multi-Site Functionality:- Educational institutions and universities need to maintain multi-facet websites to fulfill the needs of different departments. Drupal, with its built-in multi-site functionality, offers a role-based control structure that enables complete ownership for the departments and reduces the overall IT expenditure.

Multi-Language Functionality:- Multi-language support is another essential requirement for an education website as it needs to address students with different vernacular and cultural backgrounds. Drupal 8 provides extensive multi-language support as it is available in more than 110 languages.

Responsive Design:- Responsiveness is assured for institutions that opt for Drupal Website Design. Since the CMS extends responsive experiences out of the box, these sites can run seamlessly across a range of devices. Institutions with high student demographics can leverage this feature to connect with a larger user base.

Social Media Integration:- Drupal comes with integrated social media capabilities, making user engagement easier for the websites. Universities and colleges can use this functionality for integrating social media campaigns through YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Robust Security:- Hacking attacks are a major concern for educational sites as they house sensitive student data on them. Consequently, there is a need to choose a digital platform that adheres to best security standards. Drupal makes an apt choice because of its responsive and proactive security, with its frequent updates and security fixes.

Workflow Modules:- With Drupal’s powerful workflow modules, universities and colleges can avail a granular control for every content publication operation. It is possible to notify the employees to complete their tasks so that the project moves forward at an optimal pace.

User Access Control:- Another feature that makes Drupal perfect for educational websites is the access control features it provides. It is possible for them to give different access rights for different users such as professors, alumni, students, and other visitors.

Community Support:- Drupal CMS has an extensive community support, with a large number of community groups across the globe. Many of the members have worked on developing educational portals and are willing to extend their support to those in need.

Conclusion:- Considering these features that this CMS platform offers, it is advisable to choose it for developing educational websites. At Drupal India, we are a leading Drupal development partner that has catered feature-rich websites to some renowned clients from the education segment. From suggesting the best Drupal themes for education site to ensuring that it has all the required functionalities, we make sure that the client gets a solution that adds value to their business. In addition to design and development services, we also cater Drupal Theme Customization, migration, upgrades, maintenance and support services.

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