5 Reasons Why To Start Website Development in Drupal 8

Drupal is a reliable content management system backing more than a million websites globally. It is a prominent tool for developers in building complex websites and helping business enterprises to deliver amazing experiences to end-users. Although the CMS hosts innovative features, functionalities, and security, it was often considered to be less user-friendly. As a result, researchers underwent rigorous research work to launch Drupal 8.

This latest version is open source as well as easier, faster and more accessible. It contains over 100 improvements, and 1000 free themes and plugins. It integrates Twig a PHP-based theme which makes the development more flexible, scalable and user-friendly. So, whether you own a business or part of government organization, here are some Advantages of Drupal 8 that can contribute to the success of a website.

Drupal 8 Advantages for Website Development:

1. Content Management:-

The Drupal 8 has made it simpler for website administrators as well as content creators to manage content quickly. It has a newly designed content management page having two columns – one for the optional settings and the other for content fields. Its CK Editor is refined with a WYSIWYG editor having formatting buttons including bold, italic, images and links. A user can easily modify the text, using ‘drag and drop’ feature to get rid of items on the toolbar as well as can edit an image. Earlier, Drupal users had to perform the content editing work in the back end. But with the new inbuilt facility in Drupal 8, it has streamlined the whole approach, allowing users to perform content editing work from the front end.

2. Mobile Responsive:-

With the launch of Drupal 8, it has completely transformed to be fully mobile responsive. Drupal Website Developers can use the platform to deliver incredible experiences to end-users having desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. The new administrative toolbar supports the responsive theme which by default compatible with both desktop and the mobile screens. A lot of work has been done on the core themes as well making it responsive and reflow elements included like menu and blocks. With Drupal 8, a business can now target audience by simply building a website that works flawlessly across mobile devices. This is possible by simply building an API for the mobile app and modify the content with the help of any mobile device. In addition to mobile friendly, Drupal also caches and immediately updates the entities while loading JavaScript. This helps in faster page loading and improved website performance.

3. Multilingual:-

The translation feature of Drupal 8 has been completely transformed. There are over 90 languages present for the installation, multilingual features and a more reliable language code mapping mechanism. Using Drupal 8 multilingual capabilities you can seamlessly translate regional content and apply local languages to all fields, forms, and messages. Developers have complete authority to build web pages having language-based features and views filtering. Besides this, four different modules for language and translation support is also present in this latest version. Businesses having Drupal websites can easily target global customers with such a great feature.

4. Speed:-

Drupal 8 provides a platform to the web developers for building fast websites. Unlike old versions and other CMS Drupal 8 has an incredible front-end performance for users. Its load speed is quick and provides a faster response than the other CMS available in the market. It is capable of caching all entities in an efficient manner which doesn’t take unnecessary time in re-rendering the same content over and over again. All these functions work flawlessly without making any sort of impact on the application server.

5. Highly Scalable:-

As Drupal’s is easy to scale with the growing requirements, it is used by several organizations of every size. It helps business enterprises to improve, innovate and offer incredible services to end-users. Its Restful API makes it simpler to connect with other apps and allows the developers to use HTML code. The developers can install Drupal 8, build content, and send it via HTML to an application.


Drupal 8 helps to improve website performance as well as offer an incredible experience for both end users and developers. It helps to optimize the speed of website making it potential to drive visitors in large number to grow sales & ROI. If you are looking for Drupal 8 Development Services, it is the perfect time to avail it. We at Drupal India, have all the resources to build a secure, smooth and appealing website for our clients. Simply share your requirements with us for improved performance and business sales.

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