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5 Mistakes to Avoid During Drupal Web Development for Exceptional Results

To develop a website without any bugs is a huge achievement. It requires a lot of hard work and understanding. Drupal web development is also prone to mistakes. However, you need to fulfill so many parameters to create an error-free website. Sometimes, it may happen that a developer does not realize where they have gone wrong. It may also happen that during website audit they realize that something has gone wrong.

Drupal is regarded as one of the best CMS for building websites. However, there may be times when a small bug can lay a huge impact on engagement, sales, and conversions. Therefore, an organization must hire Drupal developers who are efficient in discovering where mistakes can happen. It will help in the proper functioning of the website. This blog is intended to highlight some of the common mistakes that you can avoid while creating a Drupal website.

  • Ignoring Drupal updates
  • Any unused modules on your Drupal website
  • Bad Content structure
  • Ignoring the coding standards
  • Try to avoid any Drupal mistakes that beginners make

Ignoring Drupal Updates: If you have been doing this for a long, you may experience problems in Drupal web development. You may avoid any updates or avoid Drupal core and Drupal Security Advisory.

This will make your Drupal website vulnerable to risks and will also affect the website’s performance. This is one of the most common mistakes that developers make. It can even impact security. Therefore, you must always keep updating to the latest version such as Drupal 10. It will also prevent your website from any unnecessary attacks.

Any Unused Modules on Your Drupal Website: It will create unnecessary problems such as blogging the performance of the site, security will also get affected, and any unnecessary overhead issues. It mainly occurs when you work with negligence in handling the Drupal modules.

This issue can be resolved if you uninstall all the Drupal modules along with themes that are not being used. You must not make the data huge. It may make it difficult to handle all the unnecessary modules and themes. There are advantages of this solution. The performance of the file system will be improved greatly and the site performance will also be boosted drastically.

Bad Content Structure: If you are developing a website, it requires great planning. The content structure must also be well organized to avoid any confusion. The unorganized structure of the content is an indication of inexperienced developers. A good content structure determines the efficiency of the website along with its performance.

This can be done by minimizing the content types, tables, and different fields. The content creators might get confused when you create many content types. You must take ample time to structure your content. It will improve the performance of your website.

Ignoring the Coding Standards: When multiple developers and team members are working on the same website, there must be certain code standards that must be maintained. It will avoid any extra time spend on understanding the code of other developers. This will also improve the source code along with the efficiency of the team members. There are certain Drupal code standards which is a great practice for everyone who is working on the project.

Try to Avoid any Drupal Mistakes that Beginners Make: Drupal beginners will make certain mistakes. Therefore, organizations must hire Drupal developers carefully by analyzing their requirements and project. Drupal is a complex CMS that requires understanding and knowledge.

Therefore, you must hire developers who have vast knowledge and expertise. However, there is a solution to this problem. There is a Drupal community available where you can ask as many questions as possible.

Final Thoughts

We hope this blog gave you ample suggestions on what mistakes you can make and how you can avoid them. You must avoid certain mistakes that can occur on Drupal:

  • Content related
  • Display related
  • Functionality, performance, and security mistakes
  • Infrastructure, web hosting, maintenance, and accessibility issues
  • All these can be avoided through proper planning and execution of Drupal web development.


Are Drupal developers in demand?

There is a massive demand for Drupal developers as the number of job requirements exceeds the number of qualified developers. With the Drupal 8 releasing pretty soon, the demand is only going to rise. And these jobs pay – In the US, Drupal developers average pay is $84,000/year.

What does a Drupal developer do?

A Drupal developer is someone who writes a lot of PHP and other server side languages. They write custom modules, automated tests, consume web services, automate deployment etc. They may also be know as “back end Drupal developers”. They may also get involved in some of the more advanced side of the theme layer as well.

What skills does a Drupal developer need?

  • A Strong Grasp of PHP & PHP Frameworks.
  • Experience Installing & Building Drupal Modules.
  • Familiarity with Drupal Theme Development.
  • A Grasp on Version Control with Git.
  • Debugging & Updating a Drupal Site.
  • An In-Depth Knowledge of Drupal Security.


How to Hire Drupal Developer? Know the 8 Most Important Steps

Do you want to create a robust and scalable website using Drupal? If yes, you have to find exceptionally qualified Drupal developers to turn your dream into reality. Drupal is a free and open-source CMS platform. It is built in PHP and has created a name in the world of technology. Around 2.3% of the sites worldwide, use Drupal as a back-end technology for a business site, blog, and govt websites. Drupal has an enormous developers’ network with over 1.39 Million individuals including freshers and experienced individuals. People can get responses or feedback for any questions from professionals in no time.

If you have your business portal that is created using the Drupal framework, you will have to hire Drupal developers. They are capable to customize your site in no time and within budget.

Here in this post, you will be knowing all the essential points that should be considered while hiring a Drupal 8 Development Company or dedicated Drupal developers.

So, let’s begin with:

Confirm: What Expertise You Need in Drupal Developers
When you planning to hire Drupal developer in India, it is mandatory to analyze your requirements. The role, job title, and description should be clear in the job post. Moreover, the requirements of the project must be detailed. It will help candidates to know the criteria and demand to apply for that job post.

Select the Right Platform to Post Your Drupal Developer Job Opportunity
In modern times, some platforms provide the facility to hire the right Drupal developer. Pick the ideal platform that suits your needs for the opening of Drupal developers. Here, we have created a list of platforms that can help you to post your job efficiently. Let’s have a glance at it:

Your Business Site
It has been observed huge traffic filtered to the About Us page and then the Careers page section once people hit the official site. So, it is essential to keep your Careers page section precise and updated with these job profiles. This helps to receive an application for existing openings.

Word of Mouth
Word of mouth performs an important role in the accomplishment of almost every single thing. Sample implements when you look for hiring brilliant Drupal 8 development service. You can also take the reference from your existing contacts who have done web development work recently. They can recommend you the best Drupal developers.

Drupal.org is a dedicated platform where you can hire the right Drupal candidates. Here, you can get a long list of newbies and experts of Drupal who can work according to your need. Thus, this platform charges some bucks to post your job opening or search resumes.

Job Portals
You can post your job openings on major websites like Naukri, Monster, Indeed, and Linkedin. These are the top 10 ranking platforms in the search engine.

Freelancing Websites
Rather than other job websites, some portals provide freelance project developers. You can post your Drupal job project on websites like Freelancer, Elance, Craigslist, and ODesk. There are freelancer developers who will bid on your project. You can talk to them and ask for their expertise and tell them your requirements. They can provide you the project by charging some fees and deliver you the project within the deadline.

Social Media Sites
Generally, organizations are using social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. They also can post their job requirements on their social media pages and profiles. So, it means these platforms can also be used to discover the right relent according to your project need.

Quick Note: when you looking for a Drupal developer on Drupal.org, you can get the benefit of the developer’s experience, contribution, participation in discussion, or forums.

Choose the Right Candidate for Your Project Within Budget
Once you have discussed it with some freelancers or developers, you have to see their quotations. Hiring a dedicated Drupal web development services may cost you less when compared to an in-house development team. So, you can go with your decision by understanding your project requirements, ROI models, and budget.

Ensure that You Have Selected the Right Candidate or Agency
How will you know that the selected Drupal web development services or developers are ideal choices or not? Well, every work is based on their work process and strategy so choose wisely. Moreover, there are several complaints from the customers end that once they start the project, it is difficult to reach out to them. Also, they don’t give the proper update about the status of their project. More than that, clients don’t get what is committed at the time of the agreement.

Follow some key points which will help you to find the right Drupal 8 development partner and provide you a proper update constantly:

  • A dedicated project manager with whom you can discuss everything about your project
  • A portal where significant issues and bugs can be accounted
  • A devoted Drupal developer who can troubleshoot issues instantly
  • An excellent development team to manage your project until its fruition and release

Go with Your Gut
At last, if you are unable to decide the correct way, you can go with your gut feeling. First, you have to look for how many factors are accountable to hire Drupal developer India for your web development need. Also, you have to make the decision based on your gut feeling. You are always welcome to find the right Drupal Migration Services who can help create the best web development solutions according to your need.


Why choose Drupal as the Content Management System?
Drupal is the most favoured open-source CMS and is utilized by developers across the world. No matter how difficult your business site needs are, Drupal will take care of everything with ease. Hire Drupal Developer for your Content management system.

What is the Drupal Association?
To help Drupal flourish, the Drupal Association, a non-profit business was discovered. The main objective of the organization to help the Drupal community with infrastructure, funding, distribution, promotion, and event management.

What is a Drupal Module?
The Drupal modules are basically collections of features that help to expand Drupal and enhance its functionality.

Can I migrate a WordPress site to Drupal?
Yes, you can. There are numerous modules like WordPress Migrate, which can enable you with a seamless and smooth migration.