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5 Mistakes to Avoid During Drupal Web Development for Exceptional Results

To develop a website without any bugs is a huge achievement. It requires a lot of hard work and understanding. Drupal web development is also prone to mistakes. However, you need to fulfill so many parameters to create an error-free website. Sometimes, it may happen that a developer does not realize where they have gone wrong. It may also happen that during website audit they realize that something has gone wrong.

Drupal is regarded as one of the best CMS for building websites. However, there may be times when a small bug can lay a huge impact on engagement, sales, and conversions. Therefore, an organization must hire Drupal developers who are efficient in discovering where mistakes can happen. It will help in the proper functioning of the website. This blog is intended to highlight some of the common mistakes that you can avoid while creating a Drupal website.

  • Ignoring Drupal updates
  • Any unused modules on your Drupal website
  • Bad Content structure
  • Ignoring the coding standards
  • Try to avoid any Drupal mistakes that beginners make

Ignoring Drupal Updates: If you have been doing this for a long, you may experience problems in Drupal web development. You may avoid any updates or avoid Drupal core and Drupal Security Advisory.

This will make your Drupal website vulnerable to risks and will also affect the website’s performance. This is one of the most common mistakes that developers make. It can even impact security. Therefore, you must always keep updating to the latest version such as Drupal 10. It will also prevent your website from any unnecessary attacks.

Any Unused Modules on Your Drupal Website: It will create unnecessary problems such as blogging the performance of the site, security will also get affected, and any unnecessary overhead issues. It mainly occurs when you work with negligence in handling the Drupal modules.

This issue can be resolved if you uninstall all the Drupal modules along with themes that are not being used. You must not make the data huge. It may make it difficult to handle all the unnecessary modules and themes. There are advantages of this solution. The performance of the file system will be improved greatly and the site performance will also be boosted drastically.

Bad Content Structure: If you are developing a website, it requires great planning. The content structure must also be well organized to avoid any confusion. The unorganized structure of the content is an indication of inexperienced developers. A good content structure determines the efficiency of the website along with its performance.

This can be done by minimizing the content types, tables, and different fields. The content creators might get confused when you create many content types. You must take ample time to structure your content. It will improve the performance of your website.

Ignoring the Coding Standards: When multiple developers and team members are working on the same website, there must be certain code standards that must be maintained. It will avoid any extra time spend on understanding the code of other developers. This will also improve the source code along with the efficiency of the team members. There are certain Drupal code standards which is a great practice for everyone who is working on the project.

Try to Avoid any Drupal Mistakes that Beginners Make: Drupal beginners will make certain mistakes. Therefore, organizations must hire Drupal developers carefully by analyzing their requirements and project. Drupal is a complex CMS that requires understanding and knowledge.

Therefore, you must hire developers who have vast knowledge and expertise. However, there is a solution to this problem. There is a Drupal community available where you can ask as many questions as possible.

Final Thoughts

We hope this blog gave you ample suggestions on what mistakes you can make and how you can avoid them. You must avoid certain mistakes that can occur on Drupal:

  • Content related
  • Display related
  • Functionality, performance, and security mistakes
  • Infrastructure, web hosting, maintenance, and accessibility issues
  • All these can be avoided through proper planning and execution of Drupal web development.


Are Drupal developers in demand?

There is a massive demand for Drupal developers as the number of job requirements exceeds the number of qualified developers. With the Drupal 8 releasing pretty soon, the demand is only going to rise. And these jobs pay – In the US, Drupal developers average pay is $84,000/year.

What does a Drupal developer do?

A Drupal developer is someone who writes a lot of PHP and other server side languages. They write custom modules, automated tests, consume web services, automate deployment etc. They may also be know as “back end Drupal developers”. They may also get involved in some of the more advanced side of the theme layer as well.

What skills does a Drupal developer need?

  • A Strong Grasp of PHP & PHP Frameworks.
  • Experience Installing & Building Drupal Modules.
  • Familiarity with Drupal Theme Development.
  • A Grasp on Version Control with Git.
  • Debugging & Updating a Drupal Site.
  • An In-Depth Knowledge of Drupal Security.


Why Drupal is the Best Choice for the Healthcare Business?

The healthcare sector in our country is undergoing rapid growth, throwing up lots of potentials and challenges for the industry. It is the one largest sector in India for employment and revenue. Now, the Indian healthcare sector market is pegged at US $100 billion and is expected to reach the US $280 billion by 2020.

Development and marketing collaboration between healthcare businesses and web development firms can be mutually helpful. Whether your healthcare business is built on Drupal or if you are thinking to redesign with Drupal, there are lots of things that have to be kept in mind. So, if the main objective is to collaborate a wide range of queries need to be answered.

If you already have a Drupal website or app and need to upgrade Drupal 7 to 8, you can get in touch with the best Drupal web development agency like us.

Here in this post, we will be discussing the major reasons why the healthcare business must choose Drupal. Also, we will examine how it can help healthcare businesses serve better to their patients.

Reasons Why Healthcare Business Should Choose Drupal

There are numerous reasons why we suggest Drupal to our healthcare customers. The ease of updating content merged with the adaptability of the platform are two major factors, as is security. If you want to create a powerful healthcare website, you can hire the best Drupal web development company to fulfill your demands.

Here is a list of the top reasons why Drupal is recommended.

Web Availability

WCAG or Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 commands that all the sites must be available to everybody of their ability, age, or a combination of technology. With the evolution of Drupal 7, the Drupal community is committed to offering universal accessibility for developers and end-users.


You can do anything with the help of Drupal. There are a lot of flexibilities with Drupal when compared to other platforms. If a customer wants to do something, Drupal will provide them so many features and functionalities.

Safe & Secure

Security is a big concern if you have a healthcare website. with more than 1 million installs of Drupal core, it seriously takes security. Some of the top businesses using Drupal as their web platforms like Whitehouse.gov, Weather.com, and Memorial Sloan Kettering.

Powerful APIs

API also is known as Application Programming Interface helps various web platforms and tools to interface with each other. The API integration of Drupal enables you to integrate your current sales tools into the Drupal website.

Engaging User Experience

Individuals who are facing health issues always searching for an online platform where they can find physicians, get prescriptions, and other details. In this case, an intuitive site can help health care suppliers build an efficient digital experience for people.

Drupal is the best option for building responsive, flexible, and user-friendly websites and apps for healthcare businesses. Drupal offers a customizable dashboard that can be managed by anyone. Also, websites built on Drupal offers quicker page loading speed, helping uninterrupted and impactful interaction with patients. A professional Drupal website design company can help you create a scalable and efficient website or application to boost your business.

Third-Party Integration

Good connectivity is the reason for success for healthcare businesses as they want to integrate their web apps with third party API. It helps in the smooth transmission of data between numerous healthcare domains.

Drupal is a powerful and highly extensible CMS that provides seamless integration with third-party platforms. Doctors can share medical details and information of patients with the relevant doctors and clinics securely. Also, patients can access their medical records separately.

Multilingual Feature

According to a statement, the worldwide healthcare industry is expected to reach $11801 billion in 2021. As the healthcare business is rising at a rapid pace, healthcare providers need to have a site that can furnish data in the native languages of patients.

Drupal comes with its robust feature and enables healthcare businesses to showcase content in all regional languages. It will target more destinations and reaching a great amount of audience.


Healthcare service providers are needed to store a big amount of data, records, and digital assets. Patient privacy is additionally important. Hence, data security is the key element for this industry.

Drupal remains on top with regards to security and privacy. Drupal account passwords are encrypted hashed when saved in the database. The encryption can be configured to pass the PCI, HIPPA, and state security laws. Furthermore, only administrators can choose who will get access to the information.

Mobile Responsive Themes

According to a statement, mobile phone users in the world will be over 5 billion by 2019. As more and more individuals are using smartphones for accessing data, healthcare businesses can’t overlook the advantages of mobile-based sites.


Drupal comes with elegant and responsive themes that fit all screen sizes, including mobile phones, tablets, and desktops. Also, it offers a better browsing experience for the patients. Moreover, responsive themes reduce website loading time on mobile phones. Google additionally considers the websites that are optimized for smartphones.

Your healthcare business is offering robust patient services, yet the need is to expand your services on digital platforms. With this, more people can get advantages from it. By choosing Drupal for your healthcare website development, you can increase your reach and visibility. Also, you can make a big leap in the journey of your digital transformation. If you are looking for the right Drupal Theme developers for your healthcare app, you can get in touch with us.


How does outsourcing to a Drupal web development company work?
Our experts will contact you to understand your needs and evaluate the project scope. We will provide you our project proposal with reliable engagement models to pick from.

Can I hire a Drupal web developer on a full-time basis?
Obviously, you can. We offer our skilled resources that are dedicated and highly experienced in Drupal website development, on a full-time basis.

How much does it cost to outsource the project to a Drupal web design company?
The project cost depends on various factors like technology stack, project scope, man-hours needed, business goals, engagement model, and a lot more.

Does a Drupal web design company offer post-development support?
Yes, we do. Within our extended software plan, we take complete ownership of post-development, maintenance as well as updates. In various other engagement models, we provide full support on a case-by-case basis.