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How do Drupal modules increase your website’s conversion rate?

Cool design, great user experience, adding a chatbot, and high-quality traffic are some of the functionalities that can make you in the game. All your competitors also want to implement these things to get a good return on investment (ROI). Users are no longer waiting for the white screen to go. They will in short close the tab with just a click. They will go back to the search engine and will visit another site.

However, if you need to increase the traffic on your traffic you need to provide a great user experience. This will also help you reach your goals. Therefore, you must focus on changing every minute detail on your website. You never know it can bring immense change and tangible benefits.

Drupal provides some exquisite features and modules. Through add-ons, you can improve your website appearance along with enhancing its look and feel. However, it is essential to know which Drupal modules will improve the conversion rate of your website. Let’s get started with understanding more about Drupal module.

Top Drupal Modules beneficial for your website

Top Drupal Modules beneficial for your website

You must keep gathering data and when it comes to monitoring the conversion rates on your website following three top Drupal module that will revolutionize your website completely.

Webform: Webform is one of the best Drupal modules that are mainly used for surveys, contests, and personalized contact forms. This all will help in lead generation sites. Webform is great for statistical review, tracking, and exportation to Excel.

The forms that Webform generates can easily be exported in Excel. They can also be conveniently customizable thereby enhancing the end user’s experience. In the form, you must only keep essential information.

Google Website Optimizer: You need to do conversion testing. This proves beneficial for knowing the potential customers, and what is working and what is not. Spending time on the Drupal optimization module will help in increasing your conversion rate. Fundamentally, there are 2 types of conversion testing namely A/B testing and multivariate testing. Implementing both these testing can transform not only the content of your website but will also increase the visitors to your site in the long run.

Google Website Optimizer is one of the Drupal modules that provide free testing services. This also makes it easy to insert a JavaScript code on your conversion and testing pages. The testing will transform various elements such as headlines, buttons, forms, calls to action, and primary images.

Google Analytics: Google Analytics is used to track competitors’ goals and traffic. Drupal provides a variety of modules that integrates with Webform and Google Analytics module. To gain Analytics information you can submit a form through Webform, Google Analytics Tokenizer, and Google Analytics Contact form.

Some of the websites that provide seamless eCommerce integration are Ubercart and many more. Ubercart is developed using Drupal which keeps in mind the end-user experience. Drupal testing, Drupal optimization, and flexibility are some of the powerful features used by Ubercart.

Wrapping Up

Various other Drupal modules can improve the performance of your website. Some of the best Drupal modules are Blackfire, new relic, fastly, devel, boost, chache router, solr search, and more.

However, using them will vary on the basis of your requirements. If you are confused about which Drupal module to start with, eye through all of the above 3. They will give you an idea and understanding of which Drupal module will be beneficial for your website. This will also increase the conversion rate of your website.

  • By using Drupal modules you can develop extremely well-performing and powerful websites.
  • Some of the top Drupal modules that you may use are Google Analytics, Webform, and Google Website Optimizer.
  • Apart from this, you must practice the best coding standards while framing your code.
  • The performance optimization can be improved by using client-side validations.
  • The load times of the websites also need to be checked which would immensely increase the overall performance.

Top 5 Drupal sites in the World You Should Consider While Developing Your Website

Drupal is one of the top open-source platforms for website content management systems (CMS). It has a large impact on changing and working things to make it better for all the website developers. The open-source content management system of Drupal enables complex websites to provide a large amount of information.

It ensures keeping the utility and speed of the websites intact. The standard features of Drupal such as reliable performance, content authoring, and security are some of the largest assets that make this CMS the best choice for renowned NGOs and enterprises. Drupal website development gets easier if you are following the application of these features.

Top 5 Drupal Website Development 

The following article intends to talk about the top Drupal websites which have marked their strong impression in the overall digital transformation.


  1. Tesla

Tesla, a renowned car company, founded in 2003 is continuously focusing on the revolutionaries on sustainable energy. The company concentrates on infinite scalable clean energy generation. Therefore, to reach its goal, Tesla manufactures a set of Powerwall, energy solutions, and storage products. So, there is a huge amount of product page information required to maintain their website. Feature-rich Drupal has a crucial role to play here.

Rainforest Alliance

  1. Rainforest Alliance

Rainforest Alliance is considered to be a non-governmental organization where biodiversity is conserved and sustainable living is promoted by following different practices such as consumer behavior and how people are using the land. The NGO has been working for decades and has been set up in more than 76 countries that are aimed at conserving natural resources.

Rainforest Alliance fundamentally addresses 5 major issues such as forests, food and farming, climate, wildlife, and people. This big NGO runs on Drupal 8 as their fundamental site and Drupal 7 as their site for conducting businesses. The navigation has been made easy and the information is also accessible by the visitors of the site.


  1. NASA

NASA has always enhanced the limitations of the planet and provided extensive knowledge of space. NASA has not only created wonders by landing on Moon and studying planets but has also contributed significantly in other fields such as medicine, transportation, industries, and health. NASA is built on Drupal and is one of the biggest examples of best websites.

Red Cross International Committee


  1. Red Cross International Committee

ICRC stands for the International Committee of Red Cross which is considered to be an independent organization. The organization is intended for humanitarian protection and to provide help for the victims who suffered violence and armed conflicts.

You will be surprised to hear that ICRC chooses Drupal for their website as it enhances their website with easy management and other powerful features. The features incorporate flexibility, reliability, and a great user experience for the end-users.

Care International


  1. Care International

CARE is an international NGO that commenced in the year 1945 in the United States. It works for the poor in 79 countries to provide them with a better life. CARE NGO also focuses on enhancing the lives of women as they play a great role in fighting against poverty.

CARE organization has helped more than 100 million women, and other poor and vulnerable people to fight for their rights and provide food and other security. CARE uses Drupal CMS as it enriches the end-user experience in a great way.

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned websites are amongst the top and biggest websites across the world that are using Drupal. This acknowledges the fact that Drupal provides flexibility, digital innovation, high speed, easy implementation, scalability, and other powerful features.

  • Drupal enhances the overall end-user experience which makes it a powerful tool
  • Drupal provides a great web experience
  • Drupal is regarded as a customer-centric CMS which is great for providing a customized user experience
  • Drupal is SEO friendly and provides third-party integration.