Drupal CMS stands as the great choice for creating websites, applications, integrated digital frameworks, and, etc. The platform has got revised from the day of its inception and is getting revised further for the benefit of the developers and the users. Here is an over view of its development during the year 2019.


  • Enhancement in user and organizations’ profile
  • Migration to new database cluster


  • Faster 2-step registration for account users
  • Server Density Implementation to monitor systems
  • Centralized logging for Drupal.org


  • Drupal Newsletter relaunched
  • Responsive Drupal themes
  • Faster FTP migration
  • Advanced aggregator deployments to enhance execution


  • ‘Try Drupal’, a quick installation for free trial
  • Changed to Git standard


  • Two factor authentication for Drupal.org
  • Log management updates


  • Refinements in ‘Try Drupal’
  • User and organization profiles show 90 days of issue credits


  • Configuration and deployment of New Git servers for old hardwares
  • Core patch testing enabled for DrupalCI (Drupal Continuous Integration)


  • Drupal 7 released inot the market
  • Upgrade of Apache Solr
  • Performance profiling for new integration server
  • Resolve easily the issues related in project queues


  • Search improvements in Drupal.org
  • Update of content model


  • Release of Drupal 8 RC1
  • Drupal 6 & 7 testing enabled on DrupalCI
  • Navigation made easier with Breadcrumbs


  • Successful launch of Drupal 8
  • Account creation with reduced spam
  • Three test environments to DrupalCI
  • New theme for Drupal 8 section


  • Membership campaign support through changes in Homepage
  • All Drupal testing run through DrupalCI

Further, the focus for the year 2018 lies to make content creation experience better on Drupal.org and subsites; successful release of Drupal 8; improve documentation process so that several people would comprehend and prefer to choose Drupal as their content management framework for the organization.

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