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Building an attractive and highly-functional website is very crucial, but one must not lose sight of what their website is aimed for – to boost conversion rate and increase more sales. The more conversions take place, the more revenue your business will achieve.   

According to a survey, website conversion rates average around 2%, which means for every 100 visitors that visit your website, approx. 2 visitors must convert into customers. Many sites witness around 0.1 to 0.2% conversion rate. If your is one website among them, it’s high time to rethink your conversion strategy.   

As a business owner, it’s very prominent to address any barrier to conversion. To achieve it, you should calculate the conversion rate of your website and analyze why visitors aren’t taking much interest in your website. The easiest solution will be to hire Drupal developers from a well-known organization like ours. We ensure our client’s website is created as per their demands and the latest trends. Also, we deploy our digital transformation team to help the website increase its conversion rate for both Android and iOS. For this, you can call us or visit our website to know more about our services and marketing trends. Until then, here are a few ways in which you can increase your website’s conversion rate.   

Tips to increase your conversion rate  

1) Choose a responsive design  

According to a survey, around 31% of all traffic to the top digital assets came from mobile devices. Therefore, creating a mobile-friendly website is paramount. To achieve this, you will need to choose a responsive design that fits into any screen- desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Also, the web pages, features, and actions should be easily available, regardless of the device used. Think for yourself – will you keep your mobile adjusting according to the site or read the content somewhere else to access the services or products? Definitely not, and so will your customers.   

2) Choose a simple design  

Many years ago, web-design trends were very popular with so many animations and flashes. The current trend demands a clean and simple flat design. So, if your website looks overboard to impress visitors with quirky features, give it a rethink. It’s time to rebuild your website into a clean layout with impressive content and offerings. Bombarding your visitors with useless flash and animation will not just annoy them, but also slow down the loading time of your website, which again results in losing potential customers.   

3) Avoid stock photos  

Firstly, stock photos look great on blog posts. However, they look bizarre on the website’s “About Us” page, where you get to impress your visitors with a strong portfolio. If you want to include images of your team, hire a professional photographer and let them do the wonders. Remember –you cannot convey your talent, skills, and professionalism with a website that contains stock photos.   

4) Simple Navigation  

When people visit your website, they must find what they are looking for within a few seconds. If the search time exceeds, they will quickly leave your site to find another one. Therefore, a simple navigation tool is crucial for an improved conversion rate. Too many options given in the navigation menu often overwhelm the visitors. To avoid such a situation, have a clear path to whatever action you want your visitors to complete including the submission form and destination pages.   

5) Make it easy for visitors to contact you  

Adding a phone number is always a great idea for visitors to contact you. A quote request with a general contact form is ideal for visitors who wish to inquire about your services. A simple three-field consultation-request form also helps visitors to gather all the information they need with the initial contact made. After all, no user wants to be pitched and sold out in their first consultation – they simply need information about your products and services.  

6) Eliminate the social media feed  

When the social media concept was first introduced, every marketer added their social feeds on their websites. Nowadays, consumers are well-aware of how to reach the brands of their interest on social media. Adding Facebook and Twitter feeds on your website will drift away from your consumers from your conversion goals 

Instead, place social icons in the footer or sidebar and link them to your social media accounts. The goal is to make visitors read the content available on your website, complete the forms and make the purchase, not simply scroll through your previous social media posts and tweets.   


We have listed down the top tips on how to improve your conversion rate and business sales revenue. If you are looking for more tools and strategies to set up the heatmaps and split testing landing pages, explore our wide range of digital transformation services provided by top Drupal support team in town. Connect with our team or call us for professional assistance and friendly advice.   


Is the homepage the most crucial page of a website?  

Yes, but partially. Gone are the days when people visited a website’s homepage and then started searching for what they were looking for. Today, people use advanced search engines, voice interfaces, and social media pages to search for their requirements and get direct links to the most relevant page.   

Is content marketing relevant to conversion rates?  

Creating compelling content about your products and services will surely draw the attention of your users and boost sales. Make sure the content is reliable, engaging, and easy to understand.  

How to improve my landing page?  

Simply creating good quality content is not enough, unless you have a clear and to-the-point CTA (Call-to-Action). Improving your landing page is very important to increase your conversion rate. It is because the visitors are often taken to a site rather than a referral site or a search engine like Google based on their web search.   

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