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Investing in a Drupal website for your business is a great idea because the platform has great features needed to build a powerful web presence. Beyond just having a good site, you need to make sure that it is visible to the audience as well. The idea is to reach the top of search rankings and SEO is the strategy that takes you there.

Choosing Drupal Web Development gives you extra advantage from this perspective because the CMS gives access to some useful modules. Besides following the conventional SEO techniques, you can implement these modules into your website and take it to the next level. Here is a list of Top 6 Drupal SEO Modules that you can consider for your website.

Drupal SEO Checklist:- This Drupal module serves as a fully-functional SEO dashboards which gives a complete overview of the SEO functions for the website and also verifies whether it is optimized for search engines. Further, it helps you to keep things organized, from breaking up the optimization tasks to keeping track of things done, along with date and time stamps.

Redirect:- The Redirect module, as the name suggests, enables you to redirect the users to a new URL so that you do not lose a ranked URL even after changing it. You may sometimes need to change the URL when you make changes to an article. You cannot risk this because it can be detrimental for the site’s ranking as well as can cause the user to bounce back.

Pathauto:- Another useful SEO module that Drupal CMS offers is Pathauto, which eliminates the need for the creation of proper URLs for each node manually. Rather, it generates them automatically on the basis of certain pre-determined patterns that the users can customize according to their needs. The URLs generated by Pathauto are concise as well as structured according to the user’s needs.

XML Sitemap and Simple XML Sitemap:- The XML sitemap of a website is like a directory that defines its structure such as the URLs and relationships they share. It can boost the site’s search ranking by enabling the search engine bots to crawl through. Drupal brings XML Sitemap and Simple XML Sitemap modules to facilitate the creation of sitemaps. They differ in the respect that the latter is tailored specifically for Drupal 8.

Google Analytics:- This is a powerful tool that looks after end-to-end SEO needs of a website. It assists you with extensive analysis of the website and also helps you to monitor the traffic it gets. With this module, you can integrate your Drupal website with Google Analytics and keep an eye on how it gets impacted when you make SEO-related changes in it.

Meta Tags:- Another Drupal module that can strengthen your SEO strategy is Meta Tags. The module helps you in providing more metadata to the site in the form of page titles, descriptions, tags, etc. Search engines leverage this metadata for getting the site ranked.

Conclusion:- Using one of these modules can be a smart decision because it can give a new direction to your SEO Strategies and bring excellent traffic for your website. However, it would be best to seek help from a professional Drupal CMS Web Development Company for identifying the best one for your requirements and integrating it into your website as well. Further, they can create Custom Drupal Modules for unique needs of the clients. Therefore, finding a right application development partner is really important.

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