How Can You Build A Successful Travel Agency Website On Drupal

Tour and travel businesses are expanding rapidly, specifically after the end of the Covid-19 pandemic era. Comparatively, there has been a 60% increase in domestic and international travel in the past five years and will continue to prosper ahead.

Not only this, there are now endless opportunities for numerous travel agencies to expand their service offerings. And creating a website is one such mandatory move to extend your customer base and grow to an exponential extent.

So, if you have not thought about creating a travel agency website, then now is the time to create one and that too is based on the feature-rich Drupal CMS. It’s a content management system that helps travel agencies and other industries seamlessly manage information on the site. An open-source CMS helps create a user-friendly website and create seamless digital experiences for customers.

But that’s not all to know about choosing Drupal CMS for building a fully functional and easy-to-navigate travel agency website. Here in this blog, get to know the reasons to choose Drupal CMS for travel website development, the inclusions of basic features, and the initial structure of the platform.

Without any further delay, let’s get started on the same.

Why Choose Drupal for Travel Agency Website Development

Why Choose Drupal for Travel Agency Website Development?

Leading brands like Nasdaq, BAC Credomatic, Voya Financial, Mcdonald’s, Tesla Motors, GE, and various others have one thing in common. And that is Drupal. All such top-notch brands have their interactive and high-traffic website built on Drupal CMS. Like all these brands, you can also prosper your travel business by creating your upcoming platform on this particular CMS.

  • Drupal offers a complete mobile-first approach with the added advantage of adjusting as per different smartphone screen sizes. It offers fully responsive website accessibility that allows different users ideally find your travel services and book accordingly.
  • Multilingual support is another key benefit of choosing Drupal CMS for your travel agency website development. Looking at the diverse service offerings across domestic and international customers, it is beneficial to create a multilingual website. And allow customers from different demographic regions to ideally translate the website into their native language.
  • Easy-to-manage content is another versatile approach to this content management system. Without the requirement of hardcore technical knowledge, your stakeholders can easily manage content on the website.
  • Seamless navigational flow is another reason to rely on this CMS development approach. As obvious, a travel website has an innumerable range of features to offer a variety of hospitality services, deals, discounts, and packages. Concerning the same, Drupal CMS allows adding numerous buttons, CTA’s, and relevant functionalities to create a smooth flow.

4 Basic Features to Include in Travel Website

4 Basic Features to Include in Travel Website

When thinking of end-to-end travel website development, make sure to include the following basic functionalities before implementing anything.

  1. Search filter: One of the most useful yet mandatory features to include in your travel website. It certainly allows interested customers to find relevant travel packages, deals, offers, and other such things. These particular features help provide the required output to meet the requirements of customers.
  2. Google map integration: It’s a specialized feature to include in your travel agency website that allows visitors to find a complete map of a particular destination. It further helps in locating favorable holiday destinations and packages pointed out on the map along with the price. And further, allow you to book the required travel service with ease.
  3. Predictive search functionality: You must have utilized this feature on an eCommerce or any other website. Whenever a user types something on the search filter, its related phrase or word appears in the drop-down and allows them to click. It is essential to add this feature to your travel website to save the search efforts of customers to an optimum extent.
  4. Seamless booking system: One of the crucial aspects of any travel website is booking a ticket, hotel, travel package, or any other hospitality deal.

Initial Structure of Drupal-Based Travel Agency Website

Initial Structure of Drupal-Based Travel Agency Website

Next, you should know about the initial structure to create for your travel website based on the Drupal platform. Here are the features you should create in the first place.

  • Banner: One of the key attractions of your travel website is the banner on the main page. It has the potential to capture the user’s attention in the first place by having alarming pictures and minimal text. To make it more impactful for your travel site, you must add manifold images along with adding a slider to capture more attention.
  • Travel offers: This is an essential part of your travel website that must be added as per different demographics and customer requirements.
  • Additional services: This is the block on the website where you need to showcase an additional set of travel services. It could be in terms of travel packages, the latest offers, deals, and another set of offerings to capture the user’s attention.
Concluding Thoughts

Building a successful travel website is no longer a rising issue. With the help of professional travel website development experts like Drupal India, create a feature-rich and fully customized platform. This company helps you make the strategic decision of creating a fully-functional travel platform with a wide array of features, user-friendly navigation, and high loading speed. Thus, connect with the right experts to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Is that possible to extend the features of the Drupal travel website?

Yes, it is completely possible to extend the features of your Drupal travel website as per the customized set of requirements. With the help of our reliable Drupal development services, you can count on us to make specific changes and additions as per the requirement.

  1. Is Drupal CMS secure for adding all the content?

Yes, Drupal CMS is fully secure to keep your crucial travel website data intact in a safe place. With the help of regular security updates and patches, you can rely on this CMS to safeguard your website information, customer details, and other relevant data.

  1. What is the timeline for developing a Drupal-based travel website?

For every single client, the timeline to develop a Drupal-based travel platform differs to the requirement, number of features, integrations, and more. Here, we create a strategy first including all the relevant elements of your website, and then provide you the approximate timeline.

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