Drupal 8 Upgrade For Business

Right from the release of Drupal 8 a few years ago, there has been hype about its outstanding features. Several businesses have already upgraded to the new version while many more are planning to follow suit. Have you considered a switch or are still wondering whether a change is justified when you are already running fine with the older version? Businesses often face an apprehensive gap between the value of a new technology and the efforts that go into implementing it as a part of their structure. If you are considering the benefits of Drupal 8 Upgrade for your business, here are some reasons that justify it and make it an excellent decision.

Superior Architecture:- Like any other new version, Drupal 8 Migrations has a superior architecture and better functionalities as compared to its predecessors. The CMS comes with a built-in WYSIWYG editor CK Editor which enables you to preview and edit content in a breeze. It also offers an in-place editor which facilitates editing of content, blocks, menu in the same page itself. Additionally, it serves as a complete CMS for larger organizations with different roles and access restrictions. Businesses that need to manage different content types, fields, and taxonomies can benefit greatly from this switch.

Wide Feature Range:- In addition to being structurally sound, this new version comes with an extensive feature range.

  • Drupal 8 offers responsive design themes off-the-rack, which means that your website or application will be capable of running seamlessly across all devices.
  • HTML5 is built-into this version of the platform, enabling you to embed complex input elements such as date, email, audio, and video with ease to deliver better functionality across devices.
  • It comes with powerful SEO modules that can be used for getting your website to the top of the search results.
  • Migration To Drupal 8 is a good option for global businesses as it offers out-of-the-box multilingual support. Pages can be enabled with language-based views and the content translate modules can be used to translate content into different languages.
  • The version is empowered with a theme based engine called Twig, which serves as a handy web-development tool for building secure websites at an agile pace. From the business perspective, it serves the benefits of being able to get secure websites that are developed within shorter time spans.

High-Performance Personalization:- Personalized content has emerged as an effective content marketing strategy to improve business revenues. Though Drupal 7 provides numerous modules that support content personalization, the new version does it even better. It comes with the BigPipe module which renders performance for personalized content. It enables the segregation of the page into different segments that can be rendered as they get cached. Overall, it brings a drastic improvement in the performance of the pages.

Better Brand Interaction With API-First Approach:- As brands need to interact with more devices, it has to be available in multiple formats, which makes content delivery more challenging. Drupal 8’s API-first approach addresses this challenge effectively. Based on content-as-a-service model, this version is enabled to turn content into services that can interact with different devices irrespective of the formats.

Conclusion:- A number of factors are to be considered by a business when deciding to upgrade to Drupal 8. Besides the specific benefits that any new version of a platform brings, the general reason to switch is that it is always advisable to run a site or application on the updated version. Drupal 8 comes with advanced functionalities that can truly transform your business in more than one way. Moreover, considering that we may have another new version just around the corner, it will be better to make a switch so that the gap between the one you are running and the latest one does not grow bigger. If you are considering an upgrade, you should partner with a reputed Drupal Theme Development Company to do it for you. Drupal India is a name that you can trust to help you take your business application to the upgraded version in a smooth and seamless manner.

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