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Drupal Commerce is the best bet while developing a feature-rich and impressive eCommerce store. It offers the creation of interactive websites and applications of all sizes. At its core, it is a strong and sturdy platform, providing a wide variety of modules to help in its development and provide an exceptional experience to the customers.

It is totally compatible with Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 and offers tremendous customization of the website. This software was developed with a framework mindset, and the core commerce system, which allows building your website as per your business.

Core Features of Drupal Commerce:

  • Include product types, featuring custom attributes and quick view
  • Effectual product displays
  • Comprehensive order management and line item
  • Payment method API, plus an option to integrate different payment gateways
  • Accurate and simplistic Tax calculation / VAT support
  • Terms and conditions related to pricing/discounts
  • Deep integration with systems like D7’s Fields, Views, Rules and Entity API.

There have been thousands of installations for the software since its inception and more than 50000 websites are using it currently. It provides extra functionality through other modules, such as shipping, stocks, promotions, downloads, ebooks, and much more.

Why Should You Be Using Drupal Commerce:-

  • The presence of a vast number of API’s, all coded by the development team of Drupal Commerce, endows it with an impressive extendability. One can augment/extend the current functionality or develop completely new features from the scratch.
  • It offers a seamless integration with Drupal with access to all its features and admin tools. The development proceeds as a single system and there are no limitations in the core framework. It is highly favorable to both Drupal 7 and Drupal 8.
  • It is available for free, accompanied by many more modules to enhance the functionality of your web portal. The development community is lively with millions of developers who support the modules through regular updates and fixes.
  • It is powerful to handle the big web portals efficiently. A lot of customers can browse smoothly and place orders at the same time, without any noticeable lag or error in the website.
  • It offers a huge adaptation and versatility to your business, as you go on exploring new business models and adding new features. The business layout easily adapts to the change in the modules or interfaces of the web portal.
  • The social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn can be easily integrated into the eCommerce store. The customers can log in, share the purchases, review the products and provide their feedback.
  • There are modules that render your Drupal Commerce Store mobile friendly with a good fit to the small screen. Many additional features such as multilingualism and option to change the currency can be added through the suitable modules.
  • It is extremely easy to coordinate because of the minimalistic approach it follows. Search Engine Friendliness and Conversion Rate Optimization are inherent to the framework.

The points given above shows how effective an eStore can be with the use of Drupal Commerce. It is continuously evolving into an impressive software through its new versions and upgrades.

If you want to build a feature-rich website using Drupal E-Commerce and enthrall your customers, feel free to contact our developers at Drupal India. We provide a free consultation to develop your idea into a wonderful business project.

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