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There is no doubt that Drupal is the one of the most popular Content Management System in the market that has helped developers to create wonderful online stores. Drupal has changed the face of the online stores by providing so many useful functions that can be used aggressively in generating income from the online stores.

In this post we will discuss about various modules that can be used to increase the functionality and also the traffic to the online stores effectively.

Ubercart: This is the most powerful module that helps developers to create attractive catalogs of the products. There is no need of any technical knowledge because the whole listing can be created by just few clicks. It also has role in customizing shopping carts, various reports, payment processing, and checkout pages in the store.

Amazon Store Module: This module helps business owners to associate with Amazon and sell their products with Amazon store. You just need to download and install the module. Once you create personal associate ID from Amazon then you are ready to generate income.

eCommerce Invoice: This is the module that helps the business owners in generating invoices for the purchases, the best part of the module is that one can generate any number of invoices and it can be sent to the customers through email.

US Upsell: This is a module that helps in selling the products faster as it creates list of common searched items by the user and displays to the customer. This option increases the probability of the sales.

Google Adsense: This is the favorite part for webmasters because they can generate good revenue from the website using this module. It is very easy to set up and configure.

There are numerous other modules and functions that has made Drupal 8 a very easy platform for the development of online stores.

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