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Smartphone usage is spiking up, and so is the use of mobile apps. Per report, a person uses 9 mobile apps in a day. Owing to huge mobile users worldwide, businesses are driven to heavily invest in mobile apps development for expanding their customer base by providing them with seamless brand interaction. 

As the mobile app development market is at its peak, the technology stack is overloaded with new frameworks. Thus, experts see Drupal as the simplest & cost-effective app development prospect. 

Indeed, Drupal is a CMS for website development. So, how can you use it to create mobile apps? Drupal CMS features are suitable for mobile app development. Let’s understand aspects of Drupal mobile app development.
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Drupal For Mobile App Development 

Drupal is majorly used for web-based content management. But! Its basic area of functioning is the back-end of mobile app development. Basically, it works as a data source for mobile applications and responds to requests and events. 

Moreover, it stores your content, user management, business logic, and search functionality. On the other side, your app can function at the front end and can use Drupal to leverage Service modules. 

You can leverage Drupal in two ways: 

  • Creating a mobile app on the basis of a developed Drupal website. 
  • Developing a strong mobile app with Drupal. 

You can create native, hybrid, and PWA mobile solutions using Drupal, as it allows you to leverage data models in API formats such as JSON, RESTful, and GraphQL. 

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In short, Drupal will control the backend of your application while keeping your front-end separate. It is basically a process of running CMS in headless mode.

Moreover, Drupal allows you to use plenty of modules, libraries, and development kits and provide sample mobile apps to empower your app development and integration. With the help of expert Drupal developers, you can create native mobile apps without any hassle. 

Drupal’s native mobile app development capabilities  

Creating a mobile application with Drupal is seamless, as it provides two basic functions: 

  • Distribution via the mobile app store 
  • Complete access to native features 

Both features allow you to create native mobile applications without wasting time on backend development. Here are some things you can ensure with Drupal mobile app development: 

  • It allows you to charge for applications in Google Play or App Store. 
  • You can set up in-app purchases and subscriptions via the App Store, Google Play, or other application stores. 
  • Drupal provides In-app advertising that you can do from native mobile app networks. 
  • It seamlessly allows applications to access the device’s camera to capture images or video. 
  • Your application can easily access the device’s file system for caching. 
  • Seamless application access to the device’s contacts. 
  • Drupal offers access to the device’s accelerometer, compass, map, and gyroscope. 
  • You can easily secure native map functionalities. 
  • Drupal allows your application to gain background location awareness–starting with iOS 5. 
  • You can easily inbuilt Image filters, such as sepia, halftone, etc within your application.

You can integrate all of these functions seamlessly into a native mobile application (iOS and Android) with ease. 

Moreover, Drupal mobile app development includes PhoneGap and DrupalGap to help you develop user-friendly mobile solutions.

DrupalGap Is Major Component For Mobile App Development  

If you are a Drupal developer, you must be familiar with the DruaplGap component. This component works behind the scenes in three parts.  

  • Drupal Module: It establishes a reliable communication b/w mobile application and website. Also, it deploys View Datasource services and modules for data communication using JSON. 
  • Mobile Application Development Kit: It helps to create custom module applications that run on any platform. 
  • Web Application Development Kit: It allows you to create a web application with admin functionalities. 

In short, Drupal is a full-fledged store for mobile application development that allows you to create splendid mobile apps at a low cost and effortlessly.

Developing A Mobile Application On Drupal 

Configuration: The first step in creating a mobile app is configuring a Drupal website. You need to have a website running on Drupal to transform it into a mobile app experience. 

Enabling the DrupalGap: It is a critical practice to leverage the mobile app development toolkit. So, ensure to enable the DruaplGap module and its submodule. Moreover, you need to ensure verification of configuration via page /admin/config/services/drupalgap. 

Creating Mobile App: Store the DrupalGap mobile application development kit to the www directory of PhoneGap, to begin with, the development. Doing this will enable you to leverage all its features. 

Saving file copies: Next, you need to ensure saving all JS file copies. For example, default.settings.js as settings.js 

Get ready for testing: Now it’s time for you to set up the development environment of the PhoneGap application. So, DrupalGap can work for testing the app. 

Once the environment is ready and installed, you can add custom pages to your application with DrupalGap. Consecutively, you can develop your mobile application and infuse desired features from Drupal Gap. 

Furthermore, you can hire a Drupal Development company with extensive skills and experience to secure high-grade solutions. 

What are the benefits of Drupal mobile app development?  

Drupal ushers great ease into mobile application development processes by enabling a low code architecture. Let’s take at the significant advantages of using Drupal for mobile app development.

  • It enables full-administrative control of the application. 
  • You can leverage dynamic design templates and styles for a splendid user experience. 
  • The application development with Drupal is agile. 
  • Drupal is extremely flexible for creating several mobile apps. 
  • Drupal mobile apps are lightweight and fast. 
  • You can continually optimize your app using Drupal. 

Overall, Drupal is an incredible solution for businesses seeking faster and more cost-effective mobile apps with simple features for user engagement. If you want to create a simple single-page mobile app, I would recommend you to consult with a Drupal development company with relevant exposure.

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Wrapping Up 

Drupal has been recognized for website development only! However, it bears great potential for mobile application development as well small businesses can leverage it to secure simple business-oriented mobile apps.  

Mobile user engagement is the need of the century for businesses to thrive, and Drupal mobile app development is the best solution for small businesses. 


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What is Drupal?  

Drupal is a content management system that allows you to create both web and mobile applications.  


What is a Drupal Module? 

Drupal module components are a collection of functions that help extend Drupal and improve its performance. For example, if you want to include email management tools on your website that are not in Drupal’s main features.  

However, you can add to this functionality with the section created by the community to help Drupal developers. 

Can I use Drupal 8 now? 

Of course, Drupal 8 is available for download for you. The latest version includes some excellent enhancements. 

 Can I transform my Drupal website to a mobile app?  

Yes! DrupalGap module of framework allows you to convert your Drupal website to a mobile app.  

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