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Drupal 8, the latest release of Drupal, is making waves in the world of CMSs. It comes with features which are suited to the needs of the current generation, which demands mobile-ready design, global reach of their website and simplicity of use for website admins and editors so that they can get their work done faster without assistance. With more than 200 new features, the new release serves these essential demands with awe and ease.

Moreover, retaining its primary essence of a content management platform, Drupal 8 provides better ease and functionalities for content authors and managers with the following features:

WYSIWYG Editor:- WYSIWYG stands for what-you-see-is-what-you-get. Such an editor allows users to produce richly-formatted content without having to code directly in HTML. Unlike Drupal 7, the latest release of the CMS framework provides this visual editor as a core module. Thus, the user now does not have to choose, install and configure a non-core or third-party module for this increasingly essential feature.

On-Page Editor:- Such an editor provides one the ability to edit the website’s content from its front-end, without having to do anything at the back-end. This naturally makes the work of the content manager easier and faster.

Multi-lingual Content:- With diverse and better multi-lingual capabilities, Drupal 8 has made it easy for someone who would like to build a website in a non-english language or would like to ensure a global reach of their website with multi-lingual websites. Unlike Drupal 7 where content translation was a difficult task, Drupal 8 makes it super-easy with its language related core modules and features.

Inline Images:- The WYSIWYG toolbar allows the content author to place images at the desired points of their content without installing a series of modules, something which was required in Drupal 7. Additionally, one can also align the images and add captions.

Responsive Images:- Since the latest release has been built with mobile friendliness, in mind, responsive images and themes of a Drupal 8 website comes as a no surprise but a big sigh of relief, nevertheless.

Thus, with core modules that suit increasingly vital needs such as a WYSIWYG content editor, faster editing, better image functionalities and multi-lingual support, Drupal 8 makes for an ideal choice for creating and handling extensive and diverse online content. So, if you own or plan to start a content-based website, you must consider using this latest release of the popular CMS as it will not only provide an ideal content management experience but also ensure a wider reach of your content with its multilingual features.

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