What Makes Drupal The Best CMS For Website Development?

Drupal is a free and open-source CMS having a large community base that helps developers with the latest updates and security patches. It manages digital content with the help of a GUI. It has a database and scripting language to store the content and dynamically built HTML respectively. It has a robust and powerful UI and object-oriented framework, which gives developers the liberty to build a website having the latest features. This is the reason behind Drupal CMS popularity and why the developers prefers it over other CMSes.

Here in this blog, we will discuss its drupal latest features in detail.

1. Theme Engine:- Drupal includes an innovative theming engine named Twig which is completely based on PHP and is flexible, fast, as well as secure. The best part of the Twig is that it helps developers to create beautiful and more functional websites. Its templates are written in a less complicated syntax and are highly secure.

2. Large Community Base:- Drupal has a huge community of people who are experienced software developers and contributors that help each other in case of any error with the code. It is the best way for Drupal CMS Developers to understand and in order to help themselves in their web development journey. Many people new to this CMS overlook this important resource but those interacting with the community on regular basis get benefits in the web development work.

3. Mobile Responsive:- Most of the people nowadays prefer browsing websites through mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. To help developers in making mobile compatible websites, all the inbuilt themes of Drupal are responsive. The admin theme has the feature that adapts it on multiple screen sizes, and have a ‘Back To Site’ button for returning to the front page. The tables in it get easily fit into any screen size without any trouble, and the admin toolbar works smoothly on mobile gadgets.

4. Easy to Use and Open-Source:- Drupal is easy to use and learn in comparison to other CMS for website development. A developer can easily customize the text and images on the websites. The other benefit it offers is the uploading of new images, creation of new pages without having any deep knowledge of the HTML. Open-source is one of the hottest Drupal CMS Features that helps developer to create big and complex websites having innovative functionality. A developer can use all the functionalities of a commercial CMS without paying any license fees.

5. Views Available in Core:- Views are placed at the top in the Drupal module hierarchy, as it is an important element of the website projects. A lot of website functionality depends on the Views. Website designers use Views to include galleries, blocks, maps, lists, posts, graphs, tables, menus, and reports on the website. With this feature, Views is firmly available with the core. The front page and numerous admin pages have become Views and allow developers to quickly create pages, admin sections, and blocks to modify the existing ones easily.

6. Integrate SEO Standards:- Success of a website not only relies on the great design and interactive interface but also on how well it ranks in the search engine results. SEO is a great strategy to make a website rank higher and it needs to be done on a regular basis. Drupal has inbuilt SEO standards that help its users to track traffic and website performance or Drupal Optimization Services. Using SEO features, the website is ranked higher and drive potential visitors to drive sales.

Conclusion:- Drupal is a powerful CMS and offers numerous features to the developers for developing appealing websites. Using these features can give a new direction to your website development strategy and bring revenue to your business. However, it would be best to seek help from a professional Drupal CMS Development Company for analyzing your website requirements and integrating them for the best solution. Further, they can design appealing, interactive and secure modules keeping all requirements of the clients in mind. Therefore, availing services from the right application development partner is very crucial.

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