Drupal is the most preferred CMS for website development. It has all the incredible features that are needed to build an engaging and secure website. The important fact is that this CMS is perfect for building websites that are easy to use and dynamic. That’s why PSD to Drupal conversion has become very popular among the businesses and the first choice of web development these days. For a significant number of enterprises, Drupal CMS has emerged as a preferable website platform. The features of Drupal are mentioned in the later section of the blog. However, in order to build an impressive website, PSD to Drupal conversion is essential that needs to be completed with professional skills.

What are the top features of Drupal CMS despite it is Open-Source?

1. Highly- Secure

Unlike other competitors CMS, Drupal 8 is known for its remarkable and strong security features. Developers get timely updates and security patches from the community of researchers, contributors, and developers. It protects the website from online attacks including spam, data breaches, and hackers. The security updates and performance of the website can be easily managed from the admin panel. If you timely update security patches and manage website security, the chances of your website getting any online attack are minimum. Developers can integrate build feature-rich website with the help of additional customization options. The complex website having a large number of functionalities are easy to create and scale.

2. Performance

A website is considered as successful when the end-users love exploring it without waiting for the web pages to load. This concern is completely eliminated, with the use of Drupal CMS. The CMS is highly advanced than WordPress and Joomla, and don’t consume too many system resources as well. All of this ensures that the performance of Drupal is very good. The response time is also amazing and fast than several other websites. Though plug-ins and other add-ons can lower the performance, with a good Drupal Web development company all such issues are eliminated completely.

3. SEO Friendly

Nowadays, website success is fuelled by SEO technique. Websites that follow SEO parameters and social guidelines like hashtag, tweets and profile posts are successful as they rank higher in SERP. Having Drupal as your CMS for website development, ranking factors are available out of the box. The integration of 3rd party modules helps in taking your SEO initiatives to a different level. And since the content is on the priority, the website ranking technique works flawlessly. The SEO modules also help to take control of URLs while consuming less time as compared to other web development CMSs. All these factors make Drupal 8, a perfect platform for the media/publishing industry that has lots of content and SEO required.

4. Flexible

Drupal is more flexible than other CMSs available for the developers to build custom websites. Everything regarding functionality is freely accessible in terms of the modules and using them the developer can customize each and everything for website development, but in other CMSs Plugins are available in the form of paid versions. WordPress a renowned CMS has limitations as it is basically designed for the blogging website. So it has limited features to manage a large amount of content while Drupal can easily handle a large volume of data and users simultaneously.

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5. Highly Scalable & Reliable

Drupal CMS is highly reliable and we have discussed earlier that several large enterprise websites are based on it. Drupal is adopted rapidly these days. Drupal 7 version was used by more than 1,00,000 websites in a few months of its launch and Drupal 8 is used by even more websites and for exact right reasons. Drupal can easily manage high traffic, hence, it is widely used by the enterprises and busiest websites. If you are offering a great digital experience to your consumers and your website drive lots of traffic and face downtime then all your efforts will get wasted. Drupal ensure that your website remains up when you are attracting huge traffic to your website. This CMS is currently used by more than a million sites all over the world. Big organizations like GE, NASA & Nokia which receive huge traffic, run on Drupal. Its scalability feature easily passes the test on busiest days with flying colors, and your website will work easily in the most reliable way.

6. Mobile Responsive

Most of the people prefer surfing websites on mobile gadgets like smartphones and tablets. Drupal contains most of the themes that are helpful in creating mobile compatible websites. The admin theme contains a feature that makes it responsive on multiple screen sizes. The tables in it easily fit into most of the screen sizes without any glitch, and the admin toolbar works smoothly on the mobile gadgets. Apart from being mobile responsive, it is multilingual as well. Non-English users can also browse the website without any complication. It includes most of the common and the rare languages which you want to integrate into your website like Chinese and Arabic.


Drupal is a popular CMS and with so many incredible features available for the developers to build appealing websites. Using the above features enterprises can give a new direction to the development strategy and bring the desired results for their business. But it would be best to avail help from an expert Drupal E-commerce development company for gathering website requirements and focusing on them for the perfect solution. In addition, they will offer multiple options regarding your website design keeping all requirements in mind. Therefore, hiring the right website development partner is very crucial.

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