Why drupal is perfect choice for educational websites

The websites of most renowned universities across the globe are built on Drupal 8. The PHP-based web development platform offers an array of useful features that makes it the most preferred choice among higher education institutes. However, it’s not just about universities, Drupal is a widely used content management system (CMS) across industries. This makes Drupal 8 development popular in commercial and educational sectors alike.

What Makes Drupal Better Than Other CMS Platforms?

Drupal is one of the pioneers in the arena of open-source content management systems. The platform leverages the powerful features of PHP. According to Drupal, 2.3% of the world’s website is built on the web development framework. Drupal enables website owners to maintain web pages by using its interface instead of developing individual HTML pages.

We need to discuss the structural and functional components of Drupal to understand its superiority. From a robust architecture to efficient site administration tools, Drupal is poised to smoothly run your website.

The Architecture of Drupal 8

Drupal offers some changes in core architecture in comparison to its earlier editions. The CMS platform now has the power of the PHP web application framework Symfony. This makes the development ecosystem more efficient and flexible since it’s no longer limited to the Drupal development community. Developers can use the features of Symfony and make websites more powerful. Besides, Drupal provides an array of existing libraries that dramatically speed up the development process. These modifications are especially beneficial for higher education systems as they enhance the over user experience on a website. Efficient Drupal 8 development takes into account all these elements.

User Experience & Accessibility

Visitors to college and university websites are immensely diverse. Developers and website owners should always bear this in mind while developing a website. Every university wants to make its website perfectly user-friendly and easily accessible. That’s why universities like Drupal so much. Drupal 8 offers frictionless website browsing experience. Besides, Drupal provides tools like OpenEDU as built-in tools to check accessibility.

Speaking of user experience, Drupal renders an immersive experience both in terms of functionality and content. The platform is mobile-friendly by design. This is important because most visitors would browse a website from a mobile device rather than a desktop computer. Additionally, Drupal provides seamless support for media like images, videos, and graphics. It also supports externally hosted videos from video-streaming platforms Vimeo and YouTube.

Personalized Content Management

Content management is central to Drupal-based websites since Drupal is, by design, a CMS platform. Websites of universities and colleges are very rich in content. Besides, they also need to periodically update a substantial amount of content. Be it new information for students, applicants, or findings of a new study, university websites are very dynamic in terms of content. Drupal 8 is the most suitable development platform for such content-related features. Many organizations even choose Drupal migration services to move their existing website to Drupal.

Besides, Drupal enables education institutions to create a more engaging relationship with website visitors by going beyond static content types. Such content can create an immersive website experience for visitors. The CMS platform also has easy-to-use content editing features for web pages.

Robust Security

College and university websites may contain lots of sensitive information. Hence it’s important to maintain proper security on these websites. Security features are an integral part of Drupal-based websites. Drupal periodically releases new security patches and upgrades security with every new version. Whenever you install an updated version of the Drupal CMS framework, upgraded security features are automatically installed onto your website.

Seamless Website Administration

With Drupal 8 development you get a vast range of tools and extensions for easy administration of your website. While adding an image or a video, you can now use filters and search the right item. Besides, new modules provide a method for scheduling, publishing, and removing content.

We efficiently use all these features and functionalities of Drupal 8 to build custom websites for our clients in the education sector. Our Drupal web development services are known for unmatched content management features and attractive design. We constantly upgrade our development process with the emergence of new tools and technologies. Having served a vast range of industries, we can precisely understand your requirements and deliver the desired solutions.


Q. What is Drupal used for?

Drupal is a content management system (CMS). It’s used by developers worldwide to build websites. Drupal offers useful features, like easy content publishing, robust security, and seamless user experience.

Q. Why is Drupal better than other CMS?

Drupal is more flexible and secure than other CMS platforms like WordPress. It’s superior in terms of functionality is freely available as modules. With the help of a professional web developer, you can customize everything in Drupal.

Q. What does CMS mean?

A content management system (CMS) is a software application that is used to create and manage digital content. These platforms can be used for enterprise content management and web content management, among others.

Q. What does a web development company do?

Web developers and designers work as a team to design, create, and maintain websites and web applications. A web development company delivers websites and other web-based solutions according to the client’s requirements.

Q. How long does it take to build a Drupal-based website?

The development time for a Drupal CMS-based website depends on your requirements. If you need a website with basic content management and design features, it will take shorter than a feature-rich website.

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