Why Drupal Developers Require AB Testing for Drupal Websites

If you have a website for your business or planning to create one, you must be familiar with Drupal. It has a large developer community all around the globe. But it isn’t that easy while generate ROI from your website. Because your website might not be up to the standards and require some testing. In that way, Drupal developers need to take the help of A/B testing to eradicate the bottlenecks.

A/B testing enables splitting users into two groups and sharing different versions of your web page. And this, in turn, helps you understand which works well in sales in profits. Let’s closely look at the modules and tools of A/B testing for Drupal sites.

An overview of A/B testing by Drupal developers

A/B testing is split testing by Drupal developers in which you experiment with an ‘n’ number of variables. And it allows you to compare different websites to pick out what resonates with your visitors. It is a process of displaying things to separate the users and efforts to find what works better. It helps you reach your goal for your site, whether it’s gain, email subscriptions, ad clicks, etc.

Moreover, this testing divides your website traffic by comparing your existing web page and the same variable page. A/B testing creates the base for engaging web traffic to get the desired results to gain profits. However, the benefits of A/B testing, which include higher conversion and revenue, far outweigh the additional time investment.

Benefits of AB Testing for Drupal websites

Benefits of A/B Testing for Drupal websites

Here are some advantages of A/B testing for Drupal websites.

User engagement

Page elements whether CTA, layouts, fonts, or forms, undergoes A/B testing. So after Drupal developers make changes to the experience, it increases your winning chances among users.

Enhanced content

Testing takes elements, features, and components while testing your website. But creating and evaluating the content will present the best versions to users. You can also hire Drupal developers for more technical guidance.

Reduced bounce rates

A/B testing points out the best elements of your website for attracting visitors’ eyes. So, when users get enticed they will stay on web site more which leads to higher conversions.

Lowered risks

Drupal developers use A/B testing to restrict time-taking changes and cost-heavy replacements. Major decisions are made by avoiding mistakes that would otherwise tie up resources for little or no gain. A/B testing is to lower the risk and increase profits.

Top AB testing modules and tools for Drupal 9 development

Top A/B testing modules and tools for Drupal 9 development

Here are some A/B testing tools and modules used in Drupal websites

Google Optimize

Let’s get to the start with the most used and reputed option. Google Optimize module by Drupal enables you to combine your site with the Google Optimize tool. And this module is compatible with Drupal 8 and 9. It allows Drupal developers to offer you to run A/B tests and create interactive experiences. As it integrates Google Analytics into your Drupal website, enable this module to work. You can customize settings according to your module. You can utilize the Drupal Google Optimize Hide Page to help you hide pages until Optimize container fully loads.

A/B Test UI

In the A/B testing module, you can test similar versions of your web page. And create different versions and assign different internal URLs, and later they will rotate on a single base. Then users are redirected to either this base URL or the variations of the test cases. Google Analytics helps to identify which of the versions works for your business. This module also supports Drupal 8 and Drupal 9 development. You can also hire a Drupal developer for more technical guidance.


Coming down another module that helps you integrate your website with Optimizely. It can be added by tracking code to your webpage’s head. And it helps in efficient A/B testing to modify the HTML and CSS of your site to test how it 2works with other elements. It then offers the result that helps to know which feature works for you. You can also hire a Drupal developer for more technical guidance.

Crazy Egg Integration

Although the name doesn’t clearly define the working of this integration, there is a lot more it offers. It is a simple module that allows integration of the Drupal website with Crazy egg heatmap services in performing A/B testing. And it helps in split testing of the multiple-page versions. And it also allows you to track users’ mouse and scrolling patterns to help advance your site. You should first get registered and configure the module. Moreover, you can save these customizations, and only Drupal 9 development supports this module.

A/B Test JS

Last but not least Drupal module offers to perform A/B and multi-tests. And that too by implying JavaScript code snippets to your web page. In this module, the UI and testing are not an external script but directly integrated into your Drupal page. But when you evaluate results, you need tools like Google Analytics because it doesn’t support built-in functionality. You can also hire Drupal developers for more technical guidance. Register for it configure it according to requirements and later test it to your conditions.

Conclusion: A/B testing helps you know your website know more and how it will end up with user experience. It also offers you to improve web traffic and user interests. For more consideration, consult the Drupal 9 development company for your projects.



What are the new Drupal 9 features?

The primary advantage of Drupal 9 over Drupal 8 is that the platform supports security updates.

What are the three different kinds of Drupal modules?

Drupal modules are classified into three types: core, contributed, and custom.

What is one benefit of using modules?

A program module can be reused in another program, reducing the development of redundant code.

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