Why Is Drupal Theme Development Gaining Prominence

Thousands of small businesses and corporations rely on the Drupal content management system to power their websites. It’s easy to see why this open-source platform has become so popular. It offers users the ability to create engaging, dynamic websites that are scalable enough to grow with the business.

And help support their online marketing efforts (including e-commerce). If you’re thinking about building your next website using Drupal, here are five reasons why Drupal theme development is so popular among web developers and site owners alike.

What Is Drupal?

Drupal is a Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to create and publish content on the web. It’s written in PHP and released under the GNU General Public License (GPL). The CMS can be used by both individuals and organizations to power interactive websites.

Drupal powers millions of websites all around the world, including a number of high-profile sites like Whitehouse.gov, eBay, Starbucks, Amnesty International, Coca-Cola, and more. Due to its versatility and ease of use, Drupal is one of the most popular website-building platforms on the internet today.

Below are top reasons why Drupal theme development is getting immensely popular. If you want to secure expert Drupal web development services, you must hire reliable Drupal developers.

#1. Ease Of Use & Flexibility

One of the things that makes theme development in Drupal so popular is its ability to be customized and changed on the fly. Due to the popularity of this CMS, there are plenty of themes to choose from, with more being developed all the time.

This means you’ll be able to find a theme that suits your needs without needing a web designer. Because it’s so customizable, Drupal can work for just about any type of website, small or large.

#2. Security

The first reason that Drupal theme development is so popular is security. With a site built on WordPress, hackers can easily find and exploit flaws in the website to gain control of it. A site built with Drupal, however, doesn’t have these issues because the code behind the site is not public-facing.

This prevents hackers from getting into the back end of your website.

#3. Flexibility

Many people who use WordPress often complain about how inflexible the software is. When they want to change anything about their site, they are met with restrictions that keep them from making any changes at all.

As soon as you log into a Drupal website, though, you will be able to make changes without any limits or difficulties whatsoever!

#4. Open-Source Programming Means Easier Development

Computer World magazine reported that the biggest reason people use Drupal theme development for their blog or website is because of its open-source engineering. Since it’s open source, programmers are free to make changes were needed – even if this means altering the code.

The baseline Drupal code doesn’t do exactly what you need. No problem! Your Drupal designers can easily modify the existing code by adding new features. And fixes so you won’t have to worry about breaking any laws.

#5. Growing Network Of Developers

As published on Marketing Tech Blog, Drupal enjoys a constantly growing network of developers who are dedicated to perfecting the functionality of this open-source CMS platform. This large developer base has led to more than 5,000 custom-built Drupal modules and updates every 36 days.

This dedication to updating has also made Drupal 8 one of the most anticipated releases in recent history; slated for release later this year or early next year.

#6. User Engagement

Unlike other content management systems developers, Drupal regularly holds huge meetups around the world. At these gatherings, marketing professionals, designers, and themes come together to talk about how cool it is to use Drupal for building websites, where they’d like to see development go next – all this good stuff!

The Drupal development team gathers feedback on what could be improved or added through conversations with people who are using the system (like you!).

Benefits Of Choosing Drupal Theme Development

Benefits Of Choosing Drupal Theme Development

1) The CMS allows for a lot of customization, which lets you create a website that reflects your company’s identity.

2) It’s user friendly, meaning it doesn’t require a large time commitment to learn how to use the system.

3) It’s compatible with most browsers and devices, so the content on your website will look the same whether someone uses their laptop or mobile device to view it.

4) With Drupal Theme Development, you don’t have to worry about having expensive developers on your payroll.

5) With Drupal Theme Development, there are already pre-built templates for whatever type of website you’re creating – so it’ll save you even more time and money!

Wrapping Up

Drupal theme development has a lot of benefits for both the person building the theme and the end user. The themes themselves are made to be customizable and open source, making them great for people looking to create their own site from scratch or update an existing one.

A huge benefit of Drupal 9 development is that it can easily be done with any level of technical expertise. If you’re still undecided about getting into Drupal Theme Development, you should connect with a Drupal development company to get a complete understanding.

This powerful and customizable system can be adapted to fit whatever a client needs at any time with its constantly evolving software and frequent user involvement. Nothing can compare to Drupal – because it’s just that good!



What are Drupal themes?

In Drupal sites, these elements are used to make the site look how it does. Themers, or theme developers, use HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other front-end assets in order to implement a design for their site.

Each individual theme is a collection of files that defines the presentation layer for your application.

Do Drupal themes cost money?

Yes, Drupal themes are all shareware and need to be paid for before you can use them.

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