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A Drupal website that performs below par is a big turn-off for the users and you cannot afford it for your business. At Drupal India, we are professionals who not only specialize at creating high-end websites on this platform but also offer expertise in their optimization. Whatever may be the reasons of poor performance, we identify them and address them to put your website back on track. Trust us for reliable Drupal optimization services that get your website on the highest level of performance.

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Our Drupal Experts are known in the field to offer the best performing Drupal website. The big website always needs the big care and Drupal India always cares for it.

A few of the culprits that set back the speed of the site are database queries, CSS and JavaScript loading, additional unwanted images on the page, unwanted modules and etc. Creating havoc for the smooth performance.

We keep a close guard on these factors and further optimize your site for better performance or Drupal Optimization Services.


Optimization Services

  • Apart from developing a well-planned website and its regular updates, we evaluate the existing site’s performance, identify the performance bottlenecks, troubleshoot any issues raised and enhance the Drupal Performance Optimization of the website.
  • We improve the page loading speed by utilization of Drupal features such as the static page caching for anonymous users, CSS+ JavaScript and advanced aggregation, integration of custom modules, third-party software, and more.
  • Our Drupal specialist’s optimization process further extend with enabling of the cache, optimising the theme, DB query, DB tables, removing unnecessary content or the modules, Alternative PHP Cache setting, implementing helpful modules like fast 404 module, Memcache API and Integration, Boost; address your server configuration, and so forth.
  • In a nutshell, our Drupal Experts start with the initial step of server configuration, address the user behaviour, implement the apt caching techniques, reduce external resources, use YSlow to diagnose other potential problems, optimize the images, and so on in bringing your site to its optimal performance level.
  • The website developed by Drupal India Experts are optimised for performance by all means. Contact Drupal experts today to get a quote for Drupal performance audit and reporting.

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